Thursday, December 25, 2008

skateboard deck 1 of 2

Here's a peek at one of the two skateboard decks I'm working on for an upcoming show. I'm not quite done but getting there.

frog's eye view

So here's some double page spreads for my version of Fable's "A Frog's Eye View" (originally illustrated by James Jean). The entire book had to be done in 10 weeks for class. I'm some what satisfied with the outcome....somewhat :-/.


In the end, my book project "A Frog's Eye View" never made it to critique on time. Sighs.

I've attached a scad funny, too (or at least, amusing to me).

it's final's week

Crazy!!! It's final's week at SCAD and sleep is scarce. I've been up the past several days with very little rest and I'm sure as heck grumpy. Only a week left and it's homeward bound. Currently, I'm working on a digital poster design which you can find a preview below. Also, I'm working on a series of illustrations on Fable's "A Frog Eye View," which I'll post up later.

So apparently, everyone has a blog these days. Due to conformity, I too have one, har har! So let's hope I update more often than I do my website! Html takes hours to upload new work. On that note, here's some stuff I found laying around my room.