Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been quite the busy-body this past week - concluding my studies at SCAD, private commissions (crucial for paying rent), packaging work, solidifying my obscure post-graduation plans...

Also, I'm smothering myself with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as well as revisiting Moon's Art and Soul: Reflections on an Artistic Psychology. Two exquisite doses for summer reading.

Earlier in the week, I had quite the scare. An unwary driver nearly sandwiched me during a bike ride into town. While my heart heavily pulsated, I managed to thrust myself forward by kicking off of her tire right before the tapering gap between her SUV and a parked car closed in. I was a tad bit irritated, but she fervently apologized which dismissed my anger.

On the brighter side, the dismantling of my dental armor has finally taken place *yippy*:


  1. Survived a near death experience AND got your braces off? Sounds like a good week.


  2. Good to see you last night! I'm really happy that you and Becca got to meet each other, if only briefly. I noticed that you didn't have your braces on anymore. Doesn't it feel good to be able to run your tongue along your front teeth and feel their smoothness? I remember loving that when my braces were removed.
    You mentioned commissions. I have a man cave in my house in desperate need of decoration. Its walls are painted a dark green (Olympic - Cavern Moss, to be exact). Anyway, I have an idea in my head for the commission: a guy (me) slaving over a desk trying to write. Anyway, I don't have the money at the moment but I'm hoping that by the end of the year maybe I can afford to have you create one of your masterpieces for me. :)
    By the way, how much do you charge? lol I don't know if that's a rude question or not, but I have a number in my head that I would guess. But I'm not going to divulge that until you tell me the going rate for your services!! :)
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Awesome. Just read your previous post. Boy am I dumb sometimes. Might be too expensive for me, lol. I'll have to save for a while, maybe sometime after the first of the year I'll have the money!

  4. It was grand to see you and meet your future wife the other night. She's a dandy person so congrats to you.

    As for the commission, sorry about the pricing. I'm quite the slow illustrator and that does account a bit for the high rate. Of course, I don't mind charging less (if at all)for friends. I'd do it free if it weren't for the student loans and other bills that's sucking away all of my money.

    And yes, my teeth feels sleek and happy! See you next time.

  5. looking sharp tran. i'm glad you didn't get hit on your bike like i did a few times.

  6. Sharp and not in a metallic way, haha.