Friday, September 18, 2009

back in savannah

I recently finished a commission for a client in France, who I have to overtly say was a pleasure to work with. If every one of my clientele were as cordial as she was, I think I'd have the best job ever...not that I don't already. Sorry for the bad quality in some of the photos.


In other news, a collector generously bought my set of Frog Prince illustrations shown below. I do greatly appreciate his support.

And a friend notified me about the publication of my work in the 2009-10 SCAD catalog (special thanks to Professor Drummond for the recommendation).


  1. Holy cow, Holy Moly, Holy Moses, You're getting the recognition of the masters haha. We gotta keep you grounded!

  2. I love that commission. I really like that you let the flower petals go out of the border. It makes 'em pop right off the page.

    Congrats on your sale, too.

  3. I am so happy to see actual success from an actually good artist. This piece is so well done. Are you getting sales primarily from commissions then?

  4. Kristina: No, most is from gallery sales. I probably won't be doing much commission work these coming months.

  5. wow this is a very great piece....may more success come your way....