Saturday, December 19, 2009

things other than work

Things to learn that's on my to-do-before-i-die list:
-play the violin
-break dance or ballroom dancing
-fluently speak a third language
-cook edible food

Things I do on my spare time:
chill (w/ industrial designer Michelle Om)


chase squirrels


  1. hahaha chasing squirrels should be a sport!

  2. Squirrels actually kind of freak me out. Have had bad experiences with NYC squirrels.

    I'm with you on the "cook edible food" and language ones!

    And I'd love to play violin, but I'm far more inclined to learn how to play the piano. I'd leave the violin playing part to my twin friends, who are excellent violinists.

  3. I don't know how you would fall asleep there lol.

  4. Dude if you learn the violin, buy lots of strings. I just broke my second cello string. Grrrr

  5. I forgot how nice Forsyth can be in the fall. I like this post.

  6. Jean: I'll second that.

    Jael: Squirrels have abrupt mannerisms. My friend was attached by one and she freaked out...but it kind of entertaining, heehee.

    Kei: Well, we were in the process of moving and it was the only open floor space. I had to curl my body around the TV.

    L: Whoa, cellos are awesome.

    Colleen: Yeah, it was PURRRDY.

  7. My brother Taylor got attacked by a squirrel one day when he was walking up the driveway after the school bus dropped him off.

    Get a crock pot. It's probably the easiest way to cook liscious foods. Ask Becca, the chicken was yum.

    I always wanted to play the violin, but it's supposedly the hardest thing to learn how to play, plus it probably sounds like shrieks of the undead until you can play it a little bit. So I opted for guitar, which Becca bought me for my birthday. I still suck at it though after a couple of weeks. I wish these calluses (or would it be calli) would form already. Chords hurt the fingers.

  8. Your paintings are brilliant! I love the shapes in "Coming Apart But We're Falling Together"

  9. Trey: I remember teasing your brother about his squirrel-phobia at work, haha. A guitar is a mighty nice present. I'm envious. You should join a band and write about it!

    Finn: Thanks friend!

  10. Hello Tran,

    Really nice work you have here.
    I love them all :o)

    Cheers from Vancouver,

  11. Hey!

    First off, I totally love your art.

    Second, I can definetly help you with two of your goals! (if, by now -three years later- you still have that list!)
    I can teach you violin, and my first language is Spanish =)


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