Saturday, November 28, 2009

meet me in miami

This coming weekend is the gigantic contemporary art fair in Miami, FL - Aqua Art (Wynwood) & Art Basel (South Beach). Two of my recent paintings will be showcased at Aqua Art in the Thinkspace Booth #25. Above is the line-up for the artists who's also a part of Futurity. I'll be present during these events so drop by and say hello! Always happy to meet you.

I recently chatted with Eric Nakamura, publisher of Giant Robot Magazine, about the previously mentioned GR group show. I'll be committing 3 paintings for the event, which will be set in January at GRNY, along with five other contributing artists. More info coming soon.

Till then, enjoy my random doodle:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

sneak peek

What I've been up to these days:

Live for the Sake of Your Soul

Thank You, But No Thank You

Do Not Breathe in the Moon


Recommended Reads
-Art as Medicine by Shaun McNiff (if you're into art therapy/psychotherapeutic philosophies)
-PostSecret by Frank Warren (if you need inspiration in life)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

busy is the month of november

November's been an eventful month for me. Via, my portfolio was reviewed by Jon Foster and Carl Dobsky who are impeccable artists as well as critics. Many thanks to them and to Chris Lee who financed the tuition for my review. I owe you my soul, Chris.

This past weekend was the reception for three charity events:

Tata Gala in Sarasota, FL

ArtBox in LA
(photos coming soon)

Other than that, I've been indoors, sleeping till sunset then painting till sunrise - yes, I'm aware that it's cancerous to be nocturnal. But hey, it's getting me 200+ blog followers. Thanks everyone.