Tuesday, January 12, 2010

playful extremities

Don't forget to mark your calender for Saturday's show at Giant Robot New York. The show, Playful Extremities, will feature new works from Louise Chen, Hellen Jo, Sara Antoinette Martin, Sylvia Park, and myself. I'll be contributing 3 paintings - Live for the Sake of Your Soul, Do Not Breathe in the Moon, and Thank You but No Thank You. Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Mark also wrote a brief about my work saying it "has a faded, antique look, but the subjects are timeless. The Savannah, GA-based artist depicts young, beautiful subjects in dark settings--surrounded by melancholy and/or ectoplasm, if not actually emitting them from their pores. The effect is strangely hypnotic and hauntingly beautiful." Rad!

P.S. I've been captivated by Haruki Murakami's writing. Check out this mesmerizing excerpt taken from his novel, Sputnik Sweetheart. Of course, my favorite of all --always-- are the writings of Bruce Moon.


  1. that's awesome Tran!

    Good luck with the show, and don't let deadline stress drive u insane ^_^