Friday, June 11, 2010

england exhibition

London Miles Gallery
242 Acklam Rd. Westbourne Studios.
W10 5JJ. London UK
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Tonight is the reception for the grand U.K. show at the London Miles Gallery. The exhibition will feature works catering to the 12x12" format. My contribution:

Drowning in a Sea of Uncertainties, acrylic & color pencil, 12x12"
(Nothing's more frightening than the unknown depths of obscurity.)



  1. Such amazing work! good luck with the show :)

  2. wah wah waah..K.O!
    Those close up shots work like special combo hits.
    As always, a combo hit of inspiring images and messages.
    I keep staring at them and being continuously punched in the face with the soft blow of your mastery design and narrative.
    Keep 'em coming. I have a large hp gauge.

  3. Jean, I'm still waiting on your retaliation attack! stop getting K.O'd man~

  4. i wish i could come but i can't make it ;O;

  5. congrats tran. i miss you and am very glad to hear that you continue to make strong headway for such a petite girl.

  6. Jean: You're hilarious, Jean. I'll make sure to go Super Saiyan next time.

    Jael: So you're on his side, eh? Joking.

    Celly: Thanks for wanting to be there. :-)

    Dave: I miss you too, Dave! You need to update me on all the shenanigans you've been up to.

  7. Tran: Gotta cheer for the man! you keep on obliterating him every time ;p Haha! nah. I'm just going to cheer for whoever wins. It works during FIFA every time! either that or be Switzerland and not take sides.

  8. I love the little boats you've adorned this work with -- not just this work, but another one I saw as well. So subtle, but so thought provoking!

    Boats have this... unexpected "dreamy" touch. Is that what you consider when you insert them into your work?

    I've been drawn to the idea of boats ever since I watched a video of one of my favorite musicians talking about a dream which inspired one of his songs. He says he dreamed his girlfriend was out on the flooded streets, building these wooden boats. Ahh! Such beautiful imagery.

    Just thought I would share, but anyways, I love your work and I am a HUGE fan :)