Wednesday, June 9, 2010

prints & WIP

The new prints are officially on sale. You can order them via Thinkspace Gallery at their online store.

What The World Doesn't Know
Edition of 20 (plus 3APs + 1PP)
Hand-signed and numbered by me
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag paper
14x18" (unframed)

I thank you.

And my current work-in-progress.

P.S. In case it slipped your mind, the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off this Friday.


  1. Wow I am loving the look of your current work in progress! I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Woah, this piece looks amazing!! Great job!

  3. Yesss~ I am so looking forward to the FIFA world cup. it's hilarious to watch it with my friend.

    gorgeous work. I am always in awe of your skill with acrylics and colored pencil. I'm still trying to master them.

  4. aaahhhh
    you taunt us with those wips! Just waiting, preparing that combo hit to strike us when we're least prepared.

    So I will look forward to recover my hp during the kick off. Then come back to be beaten once again on your next post.
    Till then, cheerios!

  5. Thanks for the WIP feedback, guys! Let's hope I don't run into any "unhappy" accidents while finishing it.

    Jean: Ah, yes, I'll be sure to ready myself with a spinning-bird kick once you've made your return.

  6. *gasp*

    I'm so excited about this new piece!!

  7. Dopeness.
    Always love the flower blowing thing.
    Nice take Bae-bae's.