Sunday, December 5, 2010

new print, spectrum, and such

Thinkspace Gallery and I are running limited edition prints of And Our World Came Tumbling After. It'll be available for online purchasing this weekend, which I will do a separate post for. Also, many apologies for my print store's inadequacy. It'll be up and running real soon.

The new Spectrum book is out. So many stunning entries, such from Donato Giancola, Bill Carmen, and Greg Manchess. I was lucky enough to get one in.

And more ideas that I may further:

P.S. Tron, the movie, looks pretty nifty. You should go see it.


  1. these look great Tran! love the expression in the hands of the first one. Cool to see that your in Spectrum but its not that surprising that you made it in with the quality of work that you put out there. Have a good day!