Monday, August 16, 2010

hello new york

It's been a while since my last visit to the Big Apple. Here are the other two paintings, currently exhibited at the Jonathan Levine Gallery (purchasing details):

Sleeping With a Constellation, acrylic & color pencil on paper, 16x20"



When You Leave Behind a Fragmented Memory, acrylic & color pencil on paper, 12x16"


Monday, August 2, 2010

jonathan levine exhibition

This Wednesday, the 4th, is the opening for Jonathan Levine Gallery's Annual Summer Invitational Show. I will be in New York City for the event and would love some company so please drop by for your daily dose of art. Below is 1 of my 3 contributions:

If the World Keeps Churning, Turning - acrylic & color pencil, 13x16"
(Life is an intentional leap through a breath of accidents.)


See you in the Big Apple.