Wednesday, May 4, 2011

coming this july

Solo Exhibition
The Synapse Between Here and There

Featuring recent works including:
Treading Through an Untrimmed Memory, acrylic & color pencil, 21 x 17.5"

Close Up:

P.S. My gratitude goes to Steven Carell (The Office) for 7 years of comedic brilliance.


  1. Really beautiful Tran maybe your most technically sophisticated work that I have seen. It has a calming atmosphere despite the surreal nature of the image. Keep up the good work I wish I was closer to the shows so I could go to them.


  2. Dare I say that this is one of your more intricately and most beautiful piece up to date. I'm excited to see how the other 15 pieces turn out.

  3. Very nice work, I liked this one a lot as a drawing as well.

  4. Gorgeous Tran, I love the atmosphere of it all. And yes hats off to Mr. Carell for his portrayal of Micheal Scott :) Will Ferrell has tickled my funny bone so far too!

  5. Yep, Carell had me in tears on his last episode.

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of paper do you use?