Thursday, September 15, 2011

new web and email address

I've moved my web address to along with a new email address at -- do update your bookmarks and enjoy the new layout!

If there are any issues, you may contact me at

P.S. Featured in NeverLazy Magazine (pg. 26-34).


  1. The website is very nice and looks awesome with your work in it :)

  2. None of you hide your crimes well.
    You like to be followed.
    And that's why you have all these blogs.
    So criminals can follow you.
    Because what you are all doing is criminal.
    And you don't care.
    You multiply it into billions of dollars by accessing and ringing and coning into Rupert Murdochs ...and you like to think it's almost seamless but then, there'd be
    no " thrill".
    So , you have your ups and downs.
    But your " Nevada Guy " is getting too old for the " throne games"!
    He has peed in his pants a little too often at customs.
    And people are very suspicious and , now, accusatory.
    Ann is getting too old , for it, too.

  3. Well Tran now you clearly have the admiration of crazy people the world over. Great look on the new site. Keep up the wonderful work.