Monday, February 20, 2012

thought bubble 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa from Thought Bubble to create an image for their annual festival. Thought Bubble is a UK-based convention that advocates sequential art to young and adult readers.

Little Red Reading Hood, 2012

Little Red Reading Hood (without Wolfe)



  1. Brilliantly done. I just find it humorous too that she is reading batman, x-men and hellboy.

  2. Ok, after the first 2 pages, I declare myself a follower of this blog! Your work is simply delicious.

  3. Miss Nguyen,
    You have a soul larger than your beautiful imagination, and it is so beautifully depicted in each work you choose to share with the world. I am struck by the compassion you are enriched with, that regardless of subject, your expression of fragility of body and soul, is wonderfully evocative, thoughtful and inherently obvious.
    I am not one to be so "floriferous" with flattery, however, I could NOT leave your website without first letting you know you have struck a very loud and resonant chord within my person. Thank you for your wonderful talent! I can hardly wait to see your future projects as I am now an unbridled follower of your creativity.